Cat Foster Care

Volunteer foster homes provide care and shelter to rescued cats and kittens until permanent homes can be found.

We are always in need of safe, loving foster homes for cats and kittens.  The more foster homes we have, the more needy cats we will be able to help.  CFC will provide for the veterinary treatment and food

Being a foster parent is a very satisfying and rewarding experience.   Although parting with a foster cat or kitten can be difficult, you can be reassured by knowing you have helped this cat or kitten find a better life and that the new home has been carefully screened (see our adoption qualifications).

The requirements for foster parents are simple.

  • Be loving and caring to the cat or kitten you are to foster.
  • Provide food, litter and indoor shelter for the cat or kitten.
    • All foster animals must be kept indoors.
    • CFC will provide food and litter for the animal.
  • Monitor the health of the cat or kitten.
    • CFC covers the cost of all medical care for pets under your foster care, providing the animal is taken to one of our authorized veterinarians and the care has been approved by a board member.

Please contact us if you are interested in providing foster care.

Cat Adoption

Adoption Qualifications and Policies

1. Adopters must be 21 years of age or older.

2.  Your new cat will have a longer and better life if it is strictly an indoor pet.

3.  If the adopter, at a later time, decides that they can no longer care for the animal, CFC must be contacted first.  It cannot be placed in any other shelter or given to anyone without CFC’s knowledge and consent.  We will make every effort to find another loving home for the cat or kitten.

4.  You must agree to take your cat for regular vet visits.  We want good lives for our animals and regular checkups and health maintenance are a must.

5.  If, in CFC’s judgement, the adopted animal is subject to abuse or mistreatment of any kind, CFC can repossess the animal.

Adoption Procedures

1.  Check out the list of cats and kittens looking for loving homes on our adoption page, Adopt a Cat.

2.  If you want to adopt one of them, please contact us for an adoption application or print out an application by clicking here.  Submit your Adoption Application to CFC for processing.

3. Processing your application will be done as quickly as possible.

4.  Upon application approval, you will be contacted to arrange a “pet introduction” appointment.  During this meeting, you can look at the animal, play with it , and find out about its previous history,

5. Following the “pet introduction”, a reference check will be conducted, including veterinarian reference(s).

6.  Upon mutual acceptance, the cat or kitten will be delivered to your home by a CFC representative.   This “home visit” will be scheduled with you and your family.  Please do not be offended at the prospect of an CFC member visiting your home.  The only purpose of the home visit is to meet your family and other pets (if applicable) and to confirm your home will be a safe and loving environment for this new pet.  We feel it’s our responsibility to make sure they experience only love and kindness in their new “forever” homes.

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